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Devoted to Better™ 
in the Wiregrass since 1928.



Slingluff United Insurance can help you navigate the complex world of insurance plans because we are independent agents with a commitment to tailoring insurance coverage to our customers’ needs.


Owning a car is synonymous with convenience and freedom. And since it’s a necessity for your lifestyle, so is solid car insurance. Car insurance helps protect from the unexpected and expensive. Because insurance isn’t one size fits all, your insurance plan is tailored to the coverage you need-nothing more and nothing less. From cars to motorcycles and RVs, you can drive with confidence knowing you are covered.


Slingluff understands that your business is unique. We have protective methods that address the risks specific to your company. From worker’s compensation to safeguarding equipment, a sound insurance plan is essential for every successful operation. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to make recommendations based on what’s best for your business. Once you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are covered, you can get back to doing what you do best.


It’s true your home is a large investment. But it’s also where you do life and make memories. You work hard for all that you have and protecting it should be a priority. Our staff is well-versed in delivering a customized plan that is affordable and flexible, with the right amount of coverage. Homeowners insurance is more than just protecting the home. It covers personal property, other structures on your property and additional expenses that come along with a loss. In addition, we also offer condo owners and renters insurance.


“Life Insurance is a combination of caring, commitment and common sense.” That phrase is not only powerful, but spot on. It’s true life insurance can be complicated and even emotional. Most people know they need it, but they’re unclear on the particulars. Here’s where we come in. From “It’s too expensive” to “I’ll handle that later,” we’ve heard it all. No matter where you are in life, we help gage the coverage that ensures your important people have financial security if the worst happens.



Devoted to Better™

This phrase is at the core of Slingluff United. It touches everything we do. Since 1928, we’ve been devoted to better customer relationships, service and products.


Better insurance. Better everything.

The depth of our customer relationships is what makes us unique. Because our customers are so much more than customers. They’re our neighbors and friends. We’re so much more than their insurance agents. We coach their kids in little league, shake their hands at church and we’re who they call when something goes wrong. Why? Because they know we’re dependable when life throws curve balls.


But we didn’t get here overnight. Here’s our story…

It began with Betts Slingluff, Sr. who first opened the doors to Slingluff United Insurance in 1928. Armed with a staff of one, and a whole lot of grit, Betts set his sights on purveying the best insurance agency he could for his family and friends in the Wiregrass. Years of growth brought a new location and the addition of his son, Morris, to the team. Over the next 42 years with Morris at the helm, the agency would blossom. In 2005, Mr. Slingluff turned the reigns over to his son, Ben. As president, Ben continues to cultivate a team of thoughtful, diligent and personable people who are the heart of Slingluff United.


Throughout our 90+ years, one thing has not changed and that’s our dedication to providing our customers with the best coverage for their individual situation. Simply put, we are Devoted to Better™.

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3646 West Main Street

Dothan, Alabama 36305 
Phone: 334-792-5101
Fax: 334-792-4552

Monday - Friday:  8:30 am - 5:00 pm

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